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584 ! Wed, 8/1/2012, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-Room 28D
Innovative Statistical Methods Applied to the Social Sciences — Contributed Papers
Social Statistics Section
Chair(s): Carol B. Thompson, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
2:05 PM Are Nonprofit Antipoverty Organizations Located Where They Are Needed? Analysis from a Spatial Zero-Inflated Poisson Model with Census Tracts in Greater Hartford Yung-Wei Chen, University of Connecticut
2:20 PM Newton-Type Algorithms for the Estimation of Item Response Theory Model Xinming An, SAS Institute ; Yiu-Fai Yung, SAS Institute
2:35 PM Spatial Biclustering and Nonlinear Modeling of a Complex Data Set Alan Izenman, Temple University
2:50 PM Modeling Naturalistic Clusters of Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Services: A Latent Class Analysis Megan Suzanne Schuler, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health ; Elizabeth Stuart, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health ; Beth Ann Griffin, RAND Corporation ; Rajeev Ramchand, RAND Corporation
3:05 PM A Model of the Dynamics of the Distribution of U.S. Labor Incomes Reproduces the 1961--2010 Time-Series of a Variety of Labor Income Inequality Indicators John Angle, Inequality Process Institute
3:20 PM Modeling Associations Between Home Ownership and Mentally Unhealthy Days Hong Zhou, Columbus Technologies and Services, Inc.
3:35 PM A Study of Homelessness Renjin Tu, Columbus State University

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