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44 * ! Sun, 7/29/2012, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-Room 22
Address Based, RDD and Cell Phone, and Respondent-Driven Sampling — Contributed Papers
Section on Survey Research Methods
Chair(s): Nancy Clusen, Mathematica Policy Research
2:05 PM Using Address Based Sampling Frames in Lieu of Traditional Listing: A New Approach Sylvia Dohrmann, Westat ; Jill M. Montaquila, Westat ; Graham Kalton, Westat ; Martha Berlin, Westat
2:20 PM Quasi Address-Based Sampling: A New Cost-Efficient Rejective Sampling Design for Reducing Undercoverage, Nonresponse Rate, and Nonrespondent Substitution Bias Avinash Singh, NORC ; Kyle Fennell, NORC ; Ned English, NORC ; Jizhou Fu, NORC
2:35 PM Using New IT in Area Sampling: An Experience in Korea Young-je Woo, Dongguk University ; Sun Woong Kim, Dongguk University
2:50 PM Unpacking the DSF in an Attempt to Better Reach the Drop Point Population Katherine Dekker, NORC ; Ned English, NORC ; Ashley Amaya, NORC
3:05 PM A Review of the Cell Phone Sample Component of the California Health Interview Survey Jennifer Kali, Westat ; J. Michael Brick, Westat ; Ismael Flores Cervantes, Westat ; Greg Norman, Westat ; David Grant, University of California at Los Angeles
3:20 PM Geographical Screening in Cell Phone Surveys: Sampling Variability and Bias in the March 2011 National Flu Survey Nicholas Davis, NORC ; Tammy Santibanez, CDC ; Lin Liu, NORC ; Kennon R. Copeland, NORC
3:35 PM Exploring Error Properties of Respondent-Driven Sampling Sunghee Lee, University of Michigan ; Tuba Suzer-Gurtekin, University of Michigan ; James Wagner, University of Michigan ; Richard Valliant, University of Maryland

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