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511 Wed, 8/1/2012, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-Room 23B
ROC Methodology — Contributed Papers
Biometrics Section , Biopharmaceutical Section , Section on Statistics in Epidemiology , WNAR
Chair(s): Feng-Chang Lin, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
10:35 AM Correcting AUC's for Measurement Error Bernard Rosner, Harvard Medical School ; Weiliang Qiu, Harvard Medical School ; Robert Glynn, Harvard Medical School
10:50 AM Equivalence of Improvement in Area Under ROC Curve and Linear Discriminant Analysis Coefficient Under Assumption of Normality Olga Demler, Boston University ; Michael Pencina, Boston University ; Ralph D'Agostino, Boston University
11:05 AM A Linear Model-Based Approach for Inferences About the Area Under the Curve with Repeated Measures and Values Below the Limit of Detection Rameela Chandrasekhar, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine ; Alan D Hutson, SUNY at Buffalo ; Gregory E Wilding, SUNY at Buffalo
11:20 AM Penalized AUC Maximization with Kernel Property Shuxin Yin, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center ; Youyi Fong, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center ; Ying Huang, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
11:35 AM Making Diagnosis Based on Multiple Diagnostic Tests Without a Gold Standard Jingyang Zhang, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center ; Ying Zhang, University of Iowa ; Kathryn Chaloner, University of Iowa ; Jack T Stapleton, University of Iowa
11:50 AM Tutorial: Statistical Methods for Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Tests Xiaoye Ma, University of Minnesota ; Haitao Chu, University of Minnesota ; Lei Nie, FDA/CDER/OTS ; Stephen Cole, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
12:05 PM Evaluation of the Sensitivity of the Adverse-Events Signal by Screening Test Qian Graves, FDA ; Peng T Liu, FDA ; Stuart Chirtel, FDA

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