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657 Thu, 8/2/2012, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-Room 25A
New Methods for Analyzing Clinical Trials — Contributed Papers
Biometrics Section , Biopharmaceutical Section
Chair(s): Feifei Wei, University of Arkansas for Medical Science
10:35 AM Exploratory Efficacy Analyses for Antidepressant Clinical Trials Using Integrated Trial Data Yeh-Fong Chen, FDA ; Peiling Yang, FDA
10:50 AM Statistical Inference in Dynamic Treatment Regimes Eric B Laber, North Carolina State University ; Daniel J Lizotte, University of Waterloo ; Min Qian, Columbia University ; William E Pelham, SUNY at Stony Brook ; Susan Murphy, University of Michigan
11:05 AM Bounds for the Causal Infectiousness Effect in Vaccine Trials Yasutaka Chiba
11:20 AM Sample Size Re-Estimation for Laboratory Experiments Lai Wei, The Ohio State University ; David Jarjoura, The Ohio State University
11:35 AM Stronger-Winner Design of Randomized Phase II Clinical Trials with Binary Outcome Zhiying You, The University of Alabama at Birmingham
11:50 AM Sample Size for Pre-Post Comparison with Intervention Delivered to Cluster Zhiying You, The University of Alabama at Birmingham ; Ming Ji, San Diego State University ; O. Dale Williams, Florida International University
12:05 PM Statistical Issues for Genotyping Blood Pressure Sensitivity to Weight Loss and Sodium Diet in the Elderly Jie Liu, Rutgers University ; Jerry Cheng, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School ; Javier Cabrera, Rutgers University ; John Kostis, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School ; William Kostis, General Hospital of Boston

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