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Sunday, 07/31/2011
Interpolation of Data Collected in Polygons
Konstantin Krivoruchko, Environmental System Research Institute; Alexander Alexander Gribov, Environmental System Research Institute; Eric Krause, Environmental System Research Institute
2:25 PM

Tuesday, 08/02/2011
Regression-Based Inverse Distance Weighting with Applications to Computer Experiments
Lulu Kang, Illinois Institute of Technology; Roshan Joseph Vengazhiyil, Georgia Institute of Technology
2:30 PM

Wednesday, 08/03/2011
Spatial Statistics and Cartography Using SOCR
Dave A. Zes, University of California at Los Angeles; Ivo D. Dinov, University of California at Los Angeles; Nicolas Christou, University of California at Los Angeles
11:20 AM

Thursday, 08/04/2011
Estimation and Replicate Variance Estimation of Deciles for the Survey of Construction
Stephen James Kaputa, U.S. Census Bureau; Katherine Jenny Thompson, U.S. Census Bureau
11:20 AM

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