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CE_04C Sat, 7/30/2011, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM HQ-Poinciana 3 & 4
Administrative Data for Statistical Purposes — Continuing Education Course
Instructor(s): Anders Wallgren, Statistics Sweden/Örebro University, Britt Wallgren, Statistics Sweden/Örebro University
There is a growing interest in developing register-based surveys; that is surveys based upon already available administrative data. Since huge amounts of such data are generated within various administrative systems, the opportunity exists to use the data for statistical analysis without the costs involved with data collection. Register-based surveys require their own methodology and the development of these methods is an important challenge to statistical science. Instead of methods on how to collect data, methods for integrating data from different sources are necessary. How should administrative data be transformed to meet statistical needs? The course offers a detailed account of the principles and practices of this increasingly popular area of statistics: - Provides a comprehensive overview of register-based statistics, both in terms of theory and advanced application. - Uses real life examples based on micro data from Statistics Sweden to illustrate fundamental global principles. - Proposes a much-needed systematic terminology for the field. - Describes how to create statistical registers and a methodology for integration of data from many sources. - Develops estimation methods and quality concepts for register-based surveys. - Discusses statistical systems consisting of many statistical registers and surveys, highlighting the importance of consistency and coherence.

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