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CE_15C Mon, 8/1/2011, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM HQ-Poinciana 3 & 4
Multiple Comparisons Using R and SAS — Continuing Education Course
ASA , Biopharmaceutical Section
Instructor(s): Peter Westfall, Texas Tech University, Frank Bretz, Novartis Pharma AG
Many scientific experiments subject to rigorous statistical analyses involve the simultaneous evaluation of more than one question. Multiplicity thus becomes an inherent problem: Seemingly significant effects occur more often than expected by chance alone. Multiple comparison procedures adjust statistical inferences for multiplicity and prevent the experimenter from declaring false effects. This course provides a self-contained introduction to multiple comparison procedures, with discussion and analysis of many examples using available SAS and R implementations. It discusses general concepts and basic procedures, including the Bonferroni and Simes methods as well as their stepwise extensions. Moving forward to advanced methods, the course adopts a unifying theme based on maximum statistics that are used in conjunction with closed tests and lead to powerful stepwise tests for general parametric models. The course focuses on "classical" applications, where the number of comparisons is moderate and/or strong evidence is needed, although methods for other types of problems are also discussed. This course is for statisticians who (i) have only limited knowledge of multiple comparison procedures but need to apply those techniques in SAS and/or R, and (ii) are already familiar with multiple comparison procedures but lack the related implementations. We assume a basic knowledge of R and/or SAS.

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