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Activity Number: 643
Type: Invited
Date/Time: Thursday, August 4, 2011 : 10:30 AM to 12:20 PM
Sponsor: General Methodology
Abstract - #300459
Title: Significance Magazine: Communicating Statistics to the World
Author(s): Howard Wainer*+ and Andrew Solow*+ and Ian MacDonald*+
Companies: National Board of Medical Examiners and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Florida State University
Address: Wharton School, Philadelphia, PA, PA 19104-6, 266 Woods Hole Road,, Woods Hole, MA, 02543, POB 3064326, , FL, 32306,
Keywords: statistics ; communication ; public understanding ; marine species counts ; maritime pollution ; value-added assessment

Significance celebrates its first year as the magazine and website of the American Statistical Association as well as of the Royal Statistical Association. Its aim is to spread knowledge and understanding of statistics within the profession and, more importantly, to the public outside. What fruits has this unique collaboration between the two societies borne so far, and what can be done in future? Julian Champkin, editor of Significance, discusses problems and opportunities of making statistical thinking accessible to all. Speakers who have published in the magazine demonstrate their ability to communicate the range, the importance the attraction - and the excitement - of statistics to the wider world. Howard Wainer discusses Value-added assessment in education and challenges to its practicality; Andrew Solow of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution speaks on the recently-completed Census of Marine Life and statistically addresses the questions how many marine species remain to be discovered and when we can say that a species is extinct; and Ian MacDonald reveals why BP consistently underestimated the amount of oil pollution from the Deepwater oil disaster.

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