This is the program for the 2010 Joint Statistical Meetings in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Activity Details

532 Wed, 8/4/2010, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-Exhibit Hall A (West)
Contributed Oral Poster Presentations: Section on Statistical Learning and Data Mining — Contributed Poster Presentations
Section on Statistical Learning and Data Mining
Chair(s): Peiyong (Annie) Qu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
04: Properties of Linear Model Selection Changjiang Xu, The University of Western Ontario ; A. Ian McLeod, The University of Western Ontario
05: An Example of Performance Analysis for Network Community Detection Luke Fostvedt, Iowa State University ; Dan Nordman, Iowa State University ; Alyson Wilson, Iowa State University
06: Comparison of Logistic Regression and Support Vector Machine Models to Predict Diabetes Wei Yu, CDC ; Tiebin Liu, CDC ; Rodolfo Valdez, CDC ; Marta Gwinn, CDC ; Nicole Dowling , CDC ; Muin J. Khoury, CDC
07: Are There Latent Decision Rules in Expert Occupational Exposure Assessments? David C. Wheeler, National Cancer Institute ; Kai Yu, National Cancer Institute ; Melissa Friesen, National Cancer Institute
08: An Examination of Reliability of Text Mining Chong Ho Yu, Arizona State University ; Angel Jannasch-Pennell, Arizona State University ; Samuel DiGangi, Arizona State University
09: WITHDRAWN: Using a Selective Robust Bayes Classifier to Predict Survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest in a Study with Missing Attributes — Subhashish Chakravarty, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center ; Kyndaron Reinier, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center ; Carmen Teodorescu, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center ; Audrey Evanado, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center ; Ronald Mariani, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center ; Jo Navarro, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center ; Karen Gunson, Oregon Health & Science University ; Jonathan Jui, Oregon Health & Science University ; Sumeet Chugh, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
10: Risk Stratification Using Survival and Microarray Gene Expression Data Pingping Qu, Cancer Research and Biostatistics (CRAB) ; John D. Shaughnessy Jr., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences ; Michael LeBlanc, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center ; Jeff Haessler, Cancer Research and Biostatistics (CRAB) ; Bart Barlogie, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences ; John Crowley, Cancer Research and Biostatistics (CRAB)
11: WITHDRAWN: Adaboost Classification of Ranking Data — Fang Qi, The University of Hong Kong ; L.H. Yu, The University of Hong Kong
13: Statistical Analysis of Bipartite and Multipartite Ranking by Convex Risk Minimization Kazuki Uematsu, The Ohio State University ; Yoonkyung Lee, The Ohio State University
14: Fast Euclidean Embedding of Ordinal Nearest Neighbor Graphs Brent Shannon Castle, Indiana University ; Faming Liang, Texas A&M University ; Michael Trosset, Indiana University
15: Block-Regulized Regression for Identifying CNV in Gene Expression Data Yanming Li, University of Michigan
16: Assessing the Impact of Tumor Heterogeneity on Powering Microarray Signature Discovery Timothy Scott Davison, Almac Diagnostics ; Sian Dibben, Almac Diagnostics ; Janet Taylor, Almac Diagnostics ; Robert J. Holt, Almac Diagnostics ; Paul J. Kelly, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust ; Ian Paul, Queen's University Belfast ; Peter Kerr, Almac Diagnostics ; Dean A. Fennell, Queen's University Belfast ; Jacqueline A. James, Queen's University Belfast ; Richard D. Kennedy, Almac Diagnostics
17: Comparison of the Efficiency of Classification Methods Rui Wang, The Ohio State University ; Yoonkyung Lee, The Ohio State University
18: Group and Within-Group Variable Selection via Convex Penalties Yun Li, University of Michigan
19: A More Computationally Efficient Model Selection Method for Regularized Discriminant Analysis John Ramey, Baylor University

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