This is the program for the 2010 Joint Statistical Meetings in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Activity Details

5 * ! Sun, 8/1/2010, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-211 (West)
How Fast Can We Compute? How Fast Will We Compute? — Invited Papers
Section on Bayesian Statistical Science , International Chinese Statistical Association , Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences , Section on Statistical Computing
Organizer(s): Mike West, Duke University
Chair(s): Chris Hans, The Ohio State University
2:05 PM Cloud Computing for Bayesian Hidden Markov Models Steven Lee Scott, Google
2:35 PM Embracing GPU Technology in Bayesian Computation: Massively Parallel Computing on Your Desktop Marc Suchard, University of California, Los Angeles
3:05 PM Operationalizing Massively Multicore Computation for Bayesian MCMC and Stochastic Search: Clusters, Threads, Cores and GPUs Quanli Wang, Duke University ; Marc Suchard, University of California, Los Angeles ; Andrew J. Cron, Duke University ; Cliburn Chan, Duke University ; Mike West, Duke University
3:35 PM Floor Discussion

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