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Submit your JSM papers and posters to Proceedings here.

You may publish in the Proceedings if you orally presented your paper or poster at the JSM, regardless of whether an ASA Section sponsored your session.

To maintain a uniform look and a more professional Proceedings CD-ROM, all papers must conform to the formatting requirements to be accepted. To help in this endeavor, the ASA has created a Word template and a LaTeX template (asaproc.cls, template.tex and PDF view) for you to download and use. Uploading a Word file or a PDF made from the LaTeX template is preferred. The submission site will automatically add the title, author(s), abstract, and keyword(s) to Word files when converting them to PDF.

Copyright notice: Authors retain copyright on individual papers published in the Proceedings. Eligible presenters are not prohibited from publishing in the Proceedings as well as other publications; authors are advised to consult journal exclusivity agreements for restrictions.

The 2007 JSM Proceedings will be published in CD-ROM format only. Authors will submit their papers electronically to a web collection site (URL to be provided at a later date) that will open August 1, 2007. Do not send your files to the ASA.


The web site will close to new submissions on Monday, October 8, 2007, at 11:59 p.m. EDT.

Submit early. You can expect delays due to heavy volume around the deadline.

The submission site will remain open for revisions until Monday, October 29, 2007, at 11:59 p.m. EST.


Papers and posters must be presented orally at the Joint Statistical Meetings or an approved ASA-sponsored or outside conference to be authorized for publication in the Proceedings. If your paper or poster was withdrawn or not orally presented, it is not eligible.

Section-sponsored conferences that have been approved for publication (conferences will be added as they are approved):

QPRC 2007, June 4–6, 2007 – Santa Fe, New Mexico (Q&P)

2007 ENAR Spring Meeting, March 11–14, 2007 – Atlanta, Georgia (TSHS)

Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting, December 5–8, 2004 – Palm Springs, California (RISK)

2007 FTC, October 11–12, 2007 – Jacksonville, Florida (SPES and Q&P)

2007 SRC, May 21-23, 2007 - Ames, Iowa (SPES)

AAPOR 62nd Annual Conference, May 17-20, 2007 - Anaheim, California (SRMS)

FDA/Industry Statistics Workshop, September 17-19, 2007 - Arlington, Virginia (BIOP)

Page Charges

New this year! To help cover production costs, you are requested to pay an optional publication fee of $90. There will be no per page fee – only the flat $90 fee

Paper Format and Page Limits

The Proceedings will be published in electronic format only. There are no margin specifications.

New this year! When you use the Microsoft Word template, only the body of your paper will be uploaded. You will enter the title, author information, abstract, and key words into separate fields on the submission site.

The body of all papers must be two-column, single-spaced, and fully justified (figures and tables may span both columns, if necessary).

10-point Times New Roman is the preferred font.

Color graphics are acceptable.

Do not put page numbers on your pages; these will be generated automatically.

To maintain a uniform look and a more professional Proceedings CD-ROM, all papers must conform to the formatting requirements to be accepted. To help in this endeavor, the ASA has created a Word template and a LaTeX template (asaproc.cls, template.tex and PDF view) for you to download and use.

Paper/Poster page limits:
     Invited papers and posters: 12 pages
     Contributed papers and posters: 8 pages
     Discussant/panelist papers: 3 pages

Referencing Your Proceedings Paper

Following is a sample of the standard format for referencing your paper on CD (page numbers are assigned by the vendor; users may search by author, title, or Section):

Freund, R. J. (2001). "An Example of Prediction with Regression: a Comparison of Methods," 2001 Proceedings of the American Statistical Association, Statistical Computing Section [CD-ROM], Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association: pp-pp.

Instructions for Electronic Submission

Your paper will be converted to PDF; you MUST adhere to the formatting requirements for your submission to be finalized.

You Will Need

JavaScript enabled

Cookies enabled

Browser 4.06 or newer (Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator recommended)

10 to 30 minutes to upload your paper and finalize your submission. Please note that TeX documents, especially those including large or complex graphics (equations), may require more processing time. If a message is displayed indicating that your paper has not been converted completely, exit the site and check back in a half hour or so. Your paper should be completely converted then, and you may resume the submission process where you left off.

A password unrelated to your personal passwords used for banking, etc. (passwords are not secure).

Mailing address

Email address

Paper presentation type (invited, contributed, etc.)

Meeting, session number, and sponsoring Section

Credit card number for secure online payment of optional publication charge

Your paper saved with one of the following file extensions:

Extension Associated Application
.DOC   Microsoft Word
.PDF   Adobe Acrobat
.PRN   Adobe Acrobat Distiller
.PS   Adobe Acrobat Distiller
.RTF   Supported by many word processors
.TEX   TeX to PDF compiler
.WPD   WordPerfect
.XLS   Microsoft Excel

If your file has no extension, or one not listed here, the site technicians will attempt to open it with Microsoft Word to convert it. If you are using another program to create your paper, you will need to save it in a format that is readable by one of the applications listed.