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Program > Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission for the 2006 Joint Statistical Meetings is now closed.

JSM Speakers -

Abstracts are now available for revision. To view and edit your abstract title, text, and keywords, please use the button below. Please note, the abstract text cannot be in LaTEX and cannot exceed 900 characters (spaces and punctuation count as characters). Abstracts with more than 900 characters will be truncated. The abstract revision process will close April 17, 2006, 12:00 midnight EST.

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NONREFUNDABLE FEE – When you submit an abstract for JSM 2006 you are agreeing to present a paper and asking to have time scheduled for your presentation. Accordingly, you are required to submit a nonrefundable registration fee no later than February 1, 2006. Payment is required at the time of abstract submission and will be associated with the presenting author listed.

CANCELLATIONS, WITHDRAWALS, AND SUBSTITUTIONS – Registration fees are NONREFUNDABLE. Substitutions may be made at no penalty. All cancellations and substitutions must be submitted in writing (email: jsm@amstat.org; fax: (410) 626-7509; Mail: JSM Registration, 1511 Ritchie Highway, Suite 204, Arnold, MD 21012).

An individual who fails to present a scheduled paper does a disservice to all those who organize and attend the meetings. Please provide the earliest possible notification if you are not able to present a scheduled paper. We reserve the right to exclude from the schedules of future meetings those who fail to withdraw papers in a timely fashion.

If, for legitimate organizational reasons, a speaker’s travel funding is not approved by his/her institution, the JSM Registration Office will refund the registration fee, less a $25 processing fee. Written notification must be received by the JSM Registration Office by Monday, April 17, 2006 (email: jsm@amstat.org; fax: (410) 626-7509).

Early Bird registration fees for JSM 2006:
Fees include Program Book, Abstract Book, Opening Mixer, and Informal Dance Party. A copy of the 2006 Proceedings CD-ROM is also included except where noted (*).
$265 for members (ASA, ENAR, WNAR, IMS, SSC)
$380 for nonmembers
$340 for new ASA members (includes registration and discounted first-year dues—does not apply to renewals or lapsed membership)
$80 for senior members (over 65 and retired)
$70* for K -12 teachers
$50 for full-time students (certification required)

PRESENTATION LIMITS – To increase the diversity of the JSM participant group, there is a limit on participation. Each participant may do one (1) activity from each of categories A–I:

A. Deliver a main presentation (one of the following):
     · Present an invited paper
     · Serve on an invited panel
     · Present a regular or topic-contributed paper
     · Present a regular or topic-contributed poster
     · Serve as a discussant, panelist, or other presenter in a topic contributed session
B. Chair a session
C. Present an invited poster
D. Present an Introductory Overview Lecture
E. Continuing Education Program
     · Teach a short course
     · Teach a Computer Technical Workshop
F. Roundtables
     · Lead a coffee roundtable discussion
     · Lead a roundtable lunch discussion
     · Present at a Speaker luncheon
G. Present in a first-time invited memorial session (first time a memorial session has been submitted and designated for a particular deceased person)
H. Present in a Late-Breaking session
I. Serve as a discussant in an invited session

ACCESSIBILITY FOR THE DISABLED – If you are a presenting author with mobility impairment and will need wheelchair ramp access to session stages, please check the box on the registration form. If you have any other disability for which you require assistance, please check the box on the registration form regarding disability and attach a statement regarding your disability-related needs. Someone from the ASA Meetings Department will contact you prior to the JSM to discuss your needs. Availability of appropriate accommodations cannot be ensured without prior notification.


EDITING ABSTRACTS – If you need to revise your abstract after the initial submission, you may do so until February 1, 2006 and from March 31–April 17, 2006. You will need the abstract number and your self-selected password to make revisions. Click here to edit your abstract.

For every presentation, one copy of a complete draft manuscript must be sent to the appropriate JSM Session Chair by May 22, 2006. In late March, the JSM staff will send an email to the presenting author confirming session number with presentation day and time and giving additional instructions for editing and submitting your draft manuscript. Included in this information will be the chair’s name and address, guidelines, and the timeline for submission of a draft manuscript. Depending on the type of paper, you may need to provide other copies as well. If you do not send all required draft copies in a timely manner, your paper will be deleted from the program and will be ineligible for publication in Proceedings. This requirement applies to all types of contributed papers (including poster presentations) and to invited sessions with discussants.

The two months before the meeting should be used to prepare the final version of the paper and to work on its oral or poster presentation. Click here for eligibility requirements and instructions for submitting papers to JSM Proceedings. Please check this site periodically for updates.

ONLINE PROGRAM AND ABSTRACTS – Abstracts will be available on the internet by March 31, 2006 with search capability. All information for online and print publications is collected when abstracts are submitted. Hard copies of the Program Book and Abstract Book will be distributed in Seattle.

ABSTRACT PREPARATION – All abstracts will be published in the JSM 2006 Abstract Book. Please submit your abstract free of typographical errors or misspellings. Communication between the ASA and corresponding authors will be done ONLY via email. All those submitting abstracts must have a working email address in order to receive frequent participant updates.

AUDIO/VISUAL GUIDELINES – The standard items of audio/visual equipment supplied for all sessions without cost to the speaker are one overhead projector, one screen, and one LCD/data projector (for computer or PowerPoint presentations). Additional equipment needed must be ordered and paid for by the presenter. Laptop computers are not provided.

Download the Speaker Audio-Visual Order Form. Additional equipment needed must be ordered and paid for by the presenter.

LAPTOPS FOR SESSION PRESENTATIONS – Presenters using LCD/data projectors for computer or PowerPoint presentations must supply their own laptop computer and required software. It is recommended that multiple speakers in a session using PowerPoint or computer-generated presentations designate one speaker to provide one laptop for the session and load all of the presentations onto one machine to avoid lost time or faulty connections. Please facilitate this process with your session chair.

SPAM FILTERS – A great deal of important information will be sent to you via email in the months leading up to the JSM. Please set any spam-blocking filters you have to allow emails sent from addresses containing “@amstat.org”.

Questions? Please contact the JSM registration office via email at jsm@amstat.org or call toll-free at 1 (888) 231-3473. Assistance is gladly given, but registrations and abstract submissions are not accepted by telephone or email.