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This is the preliminary program for the 2005 Joint Statistical Meetings in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Currently included in this program is the "technical" program, schedule of invited, topic contributed, regular contributed and poster sessions; Continuing Education courses (August 7-10, 2005); and Committee and Business Meetings. This on-line program will be updated frequently to reflect the most current revisions.

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You may choose to view all activities of the program or just parts of it at any one time. All activities are arranged by date and time.

The views expressed here are those of the individual authors
and not necessarily those of the ASA or its board, officers, or staff.

The Program has labeled the meeting rooms with "letters" preceding the name of the room, designating in which facility the room is located:

Minneapolis Convention Center = “MCC” Hilton Minneapolis Hotel = “H” Hyatt Regency Minneapolis = “HY”

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  303296  By:    08/07/2005
A Survey of Clinician Attitudes Toward Biostatistics in Medicine

  303313  By:    08/07/2005
Classroom Simulation: The Margin of Error in a Public Opinion Poll

  303475  By:    08/07/2005
Understanding the One-way, Random Effect ANOVA

  303818  By:    08/07/2005
Choosing a Career as a Statistician in a Liberal Arts College

  304012  By:    08/07/2005
Examples of Student Projects Using Historical Health Statistics

  304463  By:    2:05 PM 08/07/2005
Reaching the MBA Audience

  303078  By:    3:05 PM 08/07/2005
Integrating the Teaching of Statistics and Computer Literacy Courses as a Foundation for Business Research

  304585  By:    3:35 PM 08/07/2005
The Consequences of Nonrandom Sampling for Confidence Intervals

  302644  By:    5:15 PM 08/07/2005
The Crossover Design: 2-D or Not 2-D

  302299  By:  Robert Easterling 5:25 PM 08/07/2005
The BHH Tomato Example Revisited

  303645  By:    08/08/2005    ML23

ML23   Assessment of Medical Students and Postgraduate Physicians in Biostatistics Courses

  302535  By:    8:35 AM 08/08/2005
The Journal Teaching Statistics

  304224  By:    9:50 AM 08/09/2005
I Got It. This Is So Cool. I Like This.

  302735  By:    11:05 AM 08/09/2005
Baseball's Highest Honor: Teaching Statistical Thinking Using the Baseball Hall of Fame

  304364  By:    11:35 AM 08/09/2005
Trans-disciplinary Approaches to the Teaching of "Applied" Statistics: "Similar Strokes for Different Folks"

  304185  By:    8:35 AM 08/10/2005
Teaching the Consequences of Data Transformations

  302376  By:  Beth Chance 10:35 AM 08/10/2005
Career Advice in Statistics Education: A Panel Discussion Including Waller Education Award Winners

  304658  By:  Juergen Symanzik 10:50 AM 08/11/2005
Experiences with International Web-based Introductory Long-distance Statistics Courses

JSM 2005 For information, contact jsm@amstat.org or phone (888) 231-3473. If you have questions about the Continuing Education program, please contact the Education Department.
Revised March 2005