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This is the preliminary program for the 2004 Joint Statistical Meetings in Toronto, Canada. Currently included in this program is the "technical" program, schedule of invited, topic contributed, regular contributed and poster sessions; Continuing Education courses (August 7-10, 2004); and Committee and Business Meetings. This on-line program will be updated frequently to reflect the most current revisions.

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  300696  By:    3:05 PM 08/08/2004
Using Ultra-high-resolution Spectra to Reconstruct the Temperature and Composition of an Astronomical Source

  300905  By:    3:05 PM 08/08/2004
Potential Methodologies for Count Imputation for the Decennial Census

  300869  By:  Allan Sampson 3:20 PM 08/08/2004
Classic Poisson Mixture Modeling with Application to Neuroscience

  300700  By:    4:05 PM 08/08/2004
A Unified Approach to Studying Two-level Structural Equation Models and Linear Mixed Effects Models

  300052  By:    4:05 PM 08/08/2004
Robust Mixture Modeling

  301939  By:  Nilanjan Chatterjee 4:20 PM 08/08/2004
Estimating Relative Risk Parameters in Presence of Missing Covariates

  301016  By:    4:35 PM 08/08/2004
A Mixture Model Using Poisson Kernel Components

  300964  By:    9:05 AM 08/09/2004
Markov Models for Financial Time Series

  300035  By:  Xihong Lin 10:35 AM 08/09/2004
Causal Inference in Hybrid Intervention Trials Involving Treatment Choice

  301648  By:    2:25 PM 08/09/2004
Statistical Analysis of Stratified Missing-at-random Designs for Large Clinical Trials

  301776  By:    11:05 AM 08/10/2004
Estimation of a Weibull PHM with Time-dependant Stochastic Covariates from Incomplete Data Using a Variant of the ECME Algorithm

  301023  By:    11:15 AM 08/10/2004
Using Double Sampling to Correct Gross Flows for Misclassification Error: Moment-based Inference vs. Likelihood-based Inference

  300585  By:  Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan 2:20 PM 08/10/2004
Inference on Three-parameter Lognormal Distribution Based on Progressively Censored Data

  301566  By:    2:35 PM 08/10/2004
Random-coefficients Model with Missing Data

  301092  By:    3:20 PM 08/10/2004
Mixed Effects Models for Truncated Longitudinal Outcome and Nonignorable Missing Data

  300599  By:  Joseph Ibrahim 08/11/2004    WL07

WL07   Missing Data in Regression Models - SOLD OUT

  301809  By:    8:35 AM 08/11/2004
Revenue Management with Correlated Demand Forecasting and Multistage Stochastic Programming

  301943  By:    8:35 AM 08/11/2004
Defects Modeling and Yield Forecasting in Semiconductor Manufacturing

  300489  By:    10:35 AM 08/11/2004
Nonparametrics and Mixture Models

  300587  By:    11:35 AM 08/11/2004
Mixture of Zero-inflated Densities

  300511  By:    2:05 PM 08/11/2004
Flexible Fitting and Diagnostics of Finite Mixture Models

  300542  By:  Joseph Ibrahim 2:20 PM 08/11/2004
Semiparametric Models for Missing Covariates in Generalized Linear Mixed Models

  301425  By:    9:05 AM 08/12/2004
Survival Likelihood Intervals with Censored Data

  300177  By:    11:25 AM 08/12/2004
Estimation of Semiparametric Mixture Models Using an Empirical Likelihood-based Algorithm

JSM 2004 For information, contact jsm@amstat.org or phone (888) 231-3473. If you have questions about the Continuing Education program, please contact the Education Department.
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