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Activity ID:  79
Methods of Estimation for Censored Data
Date / Time / Room Sponsor Type
8:30 AM - 10:20 AM
Room: H-Nassau Suite A
Biometrics Section*, Biopharmaceutical Section*, ENAR Contributed
Organizer: n/a
Chair: Robb Muirhead, Pfizer Global R&D

When censoring is independent of the outcome, it is relatively benign, but when censoring value and outcome are dependent-as commonly occurs with cost data-modeling is more complex. This session will consider methods for estimation when the outcomes-including survival and costs-are subject to censoring.
  301236  By:  Pei-Yun  Chen 8:35 AM 08/12/2002
Estimating the Difference in the Mean Medical Costs Between Two Groups in Observational Studies with Right-censored Data

  300770  By:  Heejung  Bang 8:50 AM 08/12/2002
Median Regression with Censored Cost Data

  300533  By:  Chiu-Hsieh  Hsu 9:05 AM 08/12/2002
Survival Estimation and Testing Via Multiple Imputation

  301802  By:  Yen-Chieh   Cheng 9:20 AM 08/12/2002
Estimation in Semiparametric Model with Doubly Censored Data

  301504  By:  Bingshu E. Chen 9:35 AM 08/12/2002
Stratify Model for Event History Data with Dependent Termination

  301175  By:  Chin-Yu  Lin 9:50 AM 08/12/2002
Effect of Informative Censoring on Survival Analysis

  300989  By:  Michael  Schemper 10:05 AM 08/12/2002
A Solution to the Problem of Monotone Likelihood for the Proportional Hazards Model

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