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Activity ID:  368
* ! Graphical Methods in Bayesian Statistics
Date / Time / Room Sponsor Type
8:30 AM - 10:20 AM
Room: H-Sutton Parlor Center
Section on Physical & Engineering Sciences*, Section on Statistical Graphics* Invited
Organizer: Robert E. McCulloch, University of Chicago
Chair: Nicholas Polson, University of Chicago
Floor Discussion 10:15 AM

Bayesian statistical approaches are particularly well suited to interactive, graphic representation. Ideally, the entire process of model/prior specification/elicitation, utility specification, and decision should be presented to the user in a comprehensible way that elucidates the impact of the various modeling assumptions. In high-dimensional models this is not always easily done. Sophisticated graphics and interactive user interfaces can help. Modern computing continues to advance rapidly. Papers in this session represent the ongoing effort to use computing technology to graphically represent Bayesian Analysis.
  301371  By:  Robert E. McCulloch 8:35 AM 08/15/2002
Object Oriented and Graphical Methods for Bayesian Models

  300156  By:  Nicole  A. Lazar 9:00 AM 08/15/2002
Visualization of Markov Chain Monte Carlo Output

  300157  By:  Steven  MacEachern 9:25 AM 08/15/2002
Building Bayesian Models Through Diagnostic Plots

  300300  By:  Andrew  Thomas 9:50 AM 08/15/2002
Using Graphical Models to Construct Bayesial Software

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