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Activity ID:  272
* ! Gene Linkage, Protein Structure, and Gene Expression Analysis
Date / Time / Room Sponsor Type
8:30 AM - 10:20 AM
Room: H-Gramercy Suite A
Biometrics Section*, Section on Statistical Computing* Topic Contributed
Organizer: Ingo Ruczinski, Johns Hopkins University
Chair: Dean Billheimer, Vanderbilt University
Floor Discussion 10:15 AM

Many statistical and computational issues arise in the analysis of an unprecedented wealth of biological data generated in recent years. Some typical research topics in computational biology, which we discuss in this session, are gene linkage analysis, protein structure prediction, and the analysis of gene expression.
  301346  By:  Brian S. Caffo 8:35 AM 08/14/2002
Fitting Algorithms for Empirical Bayes Analysis of Microarray Data

  301349  By:  Karl W. Broman 8:55 AM 08/14/2002
Identifying Quantitative Trait Loci in Experimental Crosses

  301445  By:  Zachary  Skrivanek 9:15 AM 08/14/2002
A Monte Carlo Unified Approach to Linkage Analysis

  301632  By:  Ingo  Ruczinski 9:35 AM 08/14/2002
Statistical and Computational Issues in Ab Initio Protein Structure Prediction

  301374  By:  Christopher  Bystroff 9:55 AM 08/14/2002
HMMSTR: A Hidden Markov Model for Protein Local Structure Motifs

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