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Activity ID:  242
* ! Computer Experiments
Date / Time / Room Sponsor Type
2:00 PM - 3:50 PM
Room: H-Murray Hill Suite A
Section on Physical & Engineering Sciences*, Section on Statistical Computing* Topic Contributed
Organizer: Michael W. Trosset, College of William & Mary
Chair: Michael W. Trosset, College of William & Mary
Floor Discussion 3:45 PM

Researchers from several different disciplines will present recent work related to the design and analysis of experiments that involve computationally expensive, deterministic computer simulations.
  300065  By:  Russell R. Barton 2:05 PM 08/13/2002
Experiment Designs for Simultaneous Forward and Inverse Approximations

  300066  By:  Max  Morris 2:25 PM 08/13/2002
Models, Experimental Designs, and Input Screening

  300463  By:  David M. Steinberg 2:45 PM 08/13/2002
Some Simple Data Analytic Tools for Understanding Random Field Regression Models

  300067  By:  Christopher  Siefert 3:05 PM 08/13/2002
Model-Assisted Pattern Search Methods for Optimizing Expensive Computer Simulations

  301325  By:  Martin  Meckesheimer 3:25 PM 08/13/2002
Design and Analysis of Deterministic Computer Experiments for Optimization

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