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* ! Statistical Process Control: Methods for Improved Monitoring Performance
Date / Time / Room Sponsor Type
2:00 PM - 3:50 PM
Room: H-Petit Trianon
Section on Physical & Engineering Sciences*, Section on Quality & Productivity* Contributed
Organizer: n/a
Chair: William H. Woodall, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Methods for process monitoring and change-point detection are essential for maintaining acceptable product quality. This session includes talks on methods for designing Phase I control charts, as well as methods for improving the monitoring performance and change detection capability of control charts.
  301638  By:  Charles W. Champ 2:05 PM 08/12/2002
Designing Phase I Shewhart Charts for Variables

  301288  By:  John N. Dyer 2:20 PM 08/12/2002
Using the Minimized Integrated Square Error Estimator for Phase I Control Charting

  300507  By:  Nien Fan  Zhang 2:35 PM 08/12/2002
Estimation of Process Variance in Using SPC Charts for a Stationary Process

  301812  By:  Ronald  Tracy 2:50 PM 08/12/2002
Measuring Power, Type I and Type II Error with Shewhart and Non-Shewhart Attribute Charts

  300573  By:  Cali M. Davis 3:05 PM 08/12/2002
A Diagnostic Tool for Traditional Mean and Range Control Charts

  301550  By:  Zachary G. Stoumbos 3:20 PM 08/12/2002
The Effects of Inertia in EWMA and CUSUM Control Charts

  300572  By:  Wayne A. Taylor 3:35 PM 08/12/2002
Change-Point Analysis

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