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Public Statistics Day

Public Statistics Day 2000 at JSM promises to be just as exciting and educational as previous days! Plans are still be finalized, but past Public Statistics Days have featured topics such as "Statistics Sweet Statistics," "Our Planet Earth and Us," "A Survey of Differences Between Girls and Boys in Shopping," "How Many Chocolate Chips are there in a Chocolate Chip Cookie?" and "How far can you Jump?". Students that have participated in other cities gave the day high marks and enjoyed interacting with presenters. Workshop presenters are statisticians volunteering their time and for many this is their second or third year participating in the day.

Public Statistics Day is scheduled on August 17, 2000. It begins at 1:00 pm and concludes at 4:30 pm. Youth attending the activity will be assigned to activities appropriate to their age group. They will participate in three different activities. Refreshments will be provided.

Parents may sign up for the Parent Educator workshop being offered while the youth are in their mini-workshops. This workshop will focus on including statistics in home school curriculum and available resources.

The Public Statistics Day is free to attendees, but registration is required. ASA needs to ensure enough registrations for a successful program. Please print and complete the registration form below and mail it to: Phyllis Drum, ASA, 732 North Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 or fax the registration form to Phyllis at 703-684-3768. If you have questions, please call Phyllis at 703-684-1221 x132. The registration deadline is now June 30, 2000.

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