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Wednesday, January 8
Wed, Jan 8, 8:30 AM - 10:15 AM
Pacific C
Linked Data for Evidence-Based Policymaking

Research Data Centers for Data Access (306596)

*Jennifer D Parker, NCHS 

Keywords: Research Data Center, NCHS, Linked Data

The 2019 Foundations for Evidence Based Policy Act encourages and facilitates access to data across the federal government for evidence building through data integration and statistical analysis. Among other provisions, the Act sets out common guidelines for data access, including: a common application form, criteria for determining data access, timeframes for decisions, appeals processes, and general standards for transparency. Currently most NCHS linked data files and other NCHS restricted data elements, including geographic and date identifiers useful for combining with other data, are available through the NCHS Research Data Center (RDC) and may be physically analyzed at one of our on-site locations or in the network of Federal Statistical Research Data Centers (FSRDCs). This talk describes current processes for accessing restricted NCHS data, progress and directions on the implementation of the Foundations for Evidence Based Policy Act, and the implications for future access to NCHS data.