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Clinicians’ Preference for Clinical Laboratories Using Logistic Regression Model

*Marleonie M. Bauyot, San Pedro College, Philippines 
Floranne Margaret Lam-Vergara, Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines 

Keywords: clinical laboratories, patient’s safety and management

A study was conducted to determine clinicians’ preference on clinical laboratories. A survey questionnaire was administered to participants who were licensed medical physicians, practicing their profession. When all predictor variables are considered using the logistic regression model, they significantly predict clinicians' preference to recommend patients use services of hospital-based or non-hospital based clinical laboratories (?2=25.151, df=11, N=200, p=0.009<.05). Further, results specifically showed clinicians’ preference was predicted by type of investment (p=.026<.05) and cost (p=.027<.05), respectively. The study recommends clinicians take into consideration the costs of the test that will not put patients at a disadvantage, which may eventually affect patient’s safety and management.