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Baseline Factors Associated with the Glycemic Response to Treatment with Once Weekly Dulaglutide in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

*Nan Jia, Eli Lilly and Company 


Dulaglutide patient (pt) covariates from across the six DU Phase 3 clinical trials were analyzed using gradient boosting analysis to assess their relative contribution to the change in HbA1c at 26 weeks of treatment. Baseline variables associated with the greatest amount of influence on HbA1c change were further evaluated in univariate and multivariable modeling to assess the magnitude and direction of impact. Analyzed baseline factors included age, race, ethnicity, gender, duration of diabetes, serum glucose measures, fasting serum C-peptide and insulin (FSI), weight, BMI, cardiovascular disease history, estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR), and albuminuria. Stratified analyses were implemented to assess the potential confounding effect of baseline A1C on the relationship between A1C change and fasting serum glucose, which further verified the working mechanism of the GLP-1 class drugs.