Online Program

The Utilization and Role of Elderly Imaging: Analysis Using Electronic Health Record Data

*Grace Hyun Jung Kim, Biostatistics/Radiology at UCLA 
William Hsu, Radiological Sciences at UCLA 
Sheng Wu, Biostatistics at UCLA 

Keywords: imaging utilization, elderly outpatient population, propensity score

The specific aim of this proposal was to generate a longitudinal research database that supports exploration of the elderly outpatient population seen at our institution (UCLA Medical Center) to characterize drivers of imaging use in this group of individuals. Five steps of data collection were taken: (a) identification of data sources of inclusion criteria of age 65 or more; (b) data repository; (c) information extraction using a natural language processing tool in structured and unstructured field; (d) standardization using the controlled vocabularies such as unified medical language system (UMLS) and RadLex; and (e) indication using ICD-9-CM code. Matched population is used to estimate and compare the population of imaging use. To understand trends in use in depth, we will use mammogram examples for illustration.