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Are Providers Ready to Move to a Web Response Option Model for Medical Records Submission? Results from a Qualitative Assessment of Providers from the National Immunization Survey

*Michael J Stern, NORC at the University of Chicago 
Sarah Reagan-Steiner , Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

Keywords: Health Information Exchange, Electronic Records, Web Survey

Legislation enacted in 2009 included explicit goals for increasing electronic information exchange among medical providers. However, providers still face significant challenges. Encryption and coding schemes are not standardized and providers are concerned about data security. The National Immunization Survey (NIS) is a probability survey that monitors childhood vaccination coverage in the United States. It has two phases: 1) a household interview with a child’s parent/guardian and 2) a questionnaire mailed to providers to obtain a vaccination history. Providers currently return completed questionnaires by mail/fax. In 2013, NIS conducted interviews with staff from facilities to assess their readiness to use electronic transmission. A sample of 113 provider facilities was chosen; 33 were interviewed. Topics included whether provider offices can respond to an electronic data request and are willing to use an e-system. Overall, providers are not equipped for transfer of vaccination records, but may be willing to send by email or web portals. Differences were noted by the practice size, type, and location. Providers will continue to require mail and fax to submit vaccination records.