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BEANZ: A Web-Based Software for Bayesian Analysis of Heterogeneous Treatment Effect in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research

*Chenguang Wang, Johns Hopkins University  

Keywords: Bayesian analysis, HTE, PCOR, Web application

In patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR), it is pivotal to assess the heterogeneity of treatment effect (HTE) for making health care decisions for an individual patient or a group of patients. Nevertheless, it remains challenging to evaluate HTE based on information collected from clinical studies that are often designed and conducted to evaluate the efficacy of a treatment for the overall population. The Bayesian framework offers a principled approach to synthesize the different treatment effects across subgroups of patients defined by their characteristics. In this paper, we describe a web-based statistical software, BEANZ, that facilitates the conduct of Bayesian analysis of HTE in an interactive and user-friendly manner. The software provides functionalities for users to upload clinical data, explore a wide range of Bayesian HTE analysis models for the data, and get posterior inference results of HTE. In addition, examples of HTE analysis in randomized controlled clinical trials will be discussed to illustrate the software.