Online Program

Real Time Classification of Viruses in 12 Dimensions

Rong Lucy He, Prof. 
Troy Hernandez, Dr. 
Hsin-Hsiung Huang, Mr. 
Jie Yang, Prof. 
Shek-Chung Yau, Mr. 
Stephen Yau, Prof. 
Chenglong Yu, Dr. 
*Hui Zheng, MS. 

Keywords: Virus, Classification, Natrual Vector

We constructed a 12-dimensional viral genome space that allows us to a simultaneous comparison for all available viruses at any level (e.g., Baltimore class, family, subfamily, genus, and species). All 2,044 single-segment referenced viral genomes in GenBank can be represented as a subset in R^12. Furthermore, we provide a graphical representation for virus phylogeny that allows us to visualize the distribution of viruses in R^12. This approach is successfully used to predict and correct viral classification information, as well as to identify viral origins; e.g. a recent public health threat, the West Nile virus, is closer to the Japanese encephalitis antigenic complex based on our visualization.