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WITHDRAWN: Impact of Tuberculosis _ mortality rates on South African’s life expectancy

Kgomotso Valencia Dinoko, Statistics SA 

Keywords: South African's life expectancy,Tuberculosis mortality rates

The study focuses on determining the impact of Tuberculosis mortality rates on the life expectancy of South Africans. There has been high rate of mortality caused by tuberculosis, which has been recorded as the first leading underlying cause of death in the country. In the past decade the average life expectancy in South Africa has been declining due to the high mortality, although it started to partly increase due to the roll-out of antiretroviral and the decline on mortality. The cause-deleted life table is constructed to analyze the life expectancy in the absence of tuberculosis, and it appears that the average life expectancy in South Africa increases with approximately two years. Furthermore, the age group affected by this disease is identified by calculating the age-specific death rates (ASDRs) and these provides the knowledge of the effect of TB in South African’s life expectancy for possible policy intervention.