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Internal Benchmarks and Healthcare Services Satisfaction Reporting: A Case for the Fair Scorecard

*Alan Roshwalb, Ipsos Public Affairs 
John P Vidmar, Ipsos Public Affairs 

Keywords: Patient Satisfaction, Internal Benchmarks, Case-Mix Adjustments

This paper presents an approach for internal benchmarking for healthcare services patient satisfaction reporting called “Fair Scorecard.” In patient satisfacion research, survey scores are often reported for different reporting units such as an individual physician or health care practitioner, a health care team, a medical facility, or larger organization. At the same time, an internal comparison score is presented such as the average physician score, regional scores, etc. which are used as internal benchmarks. This paper examines the inherent “unfairness” in presenting and comparing a score against benchmark measures such as these. In our paper, an alternate Fair Scorecard measure based on case-mix adjustments is introduced. This approach is currently able to provide internal benchmarks and used in scorecard reporting on several different patient satisfaction projects. This approach avoids inherent "unfairness" and provides an intuitive benchmark.