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The effectiveness evaluation of methadone maintenance treatment in China: A brief introduction

*Li Ling, Sun Yat-sen University 
Wen Chen, Sun Yat-sen University 


Methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) is one of the most popular opioid replacement therapies designed to treat heroin dependence. The MMT system in China has become the largest single drug-treatment system in the world in the last decade. This study aims to introduce the implementation of methadone maintenance treatment program in China and review the effectiveness evaluation of MMT. There are complex outcome indices of the effectiveness of MMT since heroin dependence is not a medical problem but also a social problem. In addition, China’s MMT is a completely non-profit government program; performance of MMT will impact its expanding. Therefore, we organize these outcomes in terms of safety, treatment effect, implementation evaluation, and performance. For each group of outcomes, specific studies including outcome measurements, data types, analytic methods and results are reviewed.