The multidisciplinary nature of health services, policy, and outcomes research and the significant reliance on generating evidence in this field have created a major need for effective communication and dissemination of advances in quantitative methodology. Any attempt to disseminate methods should allow for a constructive platform for debate and engage multiple stakeholders in identifying limitations of existing methods from different perspectives so newer methods addressing these shortcomings can be developed.

Over the last 17 years, the International Conference on Health Policy Statistics (ICHPS), organized by the Health Policy Statistics Section of the American Statistical Association, has played a vital role in the dissemination process of health policy (and health services) statistics. ICHPS provides a unique forum for discussing research needs and solutions to the methodological challenges in the design of studies and analysis of data for health policy research.

ICHPS's aim is to create interfaces between methodologists and sophisticated health service researchers, health economists, and policy analysts so they can exchange and build on ideas that they will disseminate to the broader health policy community.

Student Travel Awards

Travel grants are available to students presenting in a contributed paper or poster session. If interested, please send an application via email by May 15, 2013 to Naomi Friedman at naomi@amstat.org with the following information:

Title of presentation:
Presentation format (contributed paper or poster):
Abstract ID:
Brief (one-paragraph) statement of need for travel assistance:

Due to limited funding we cannot guarantee that every applicant will receive a grant. However, in conjunction with our policy of not charging students to attend the Wednesday workshops, we hope to use these awards to make it possible for as many students as possible to attend ICHPS 2013 and are committed to providing support wherever possible. Application deadline May 15, 2013.