Online Program

Using the COMPARE Microsimulation Model to Evaluate Health Reform Legislation: Challenges and Contributions
Federico Girosi, RAND Corporation 
*Elizabeth McGlynn, RAND Corporation 

Keywords: microsimulation, health reform

The President and the 111th Congress have made health reform a high priority in 2009. By the time this conference is held, we will know whether a health reform bill has been enacted. This presentation will focus on the development of a microsimulation model to evaluate health reform proposals on a broader set of outcome measures than is common, the use of this model to evaluate specific legislative proposals introduced in the 111th Congress, the challenges faced in modeling Congressional proposals, the response of policy makers to the modeling results, and the contributions that these methods can make to the development of better policy options. We will also discuss what role analysis using non-government models plays compared to that provided by the Congressional Budget Office.