Substance Abuse Prevention - A National Picture
*Javaid Kaiser, SAMHSA 

Keywords: Substance Abuse, Prevention, Block Grant, Outcomes, Revenue, States

This paper provides a national picture of revenue that is channeled through Single State Agencies of Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment in carrying out prevention programs in the United States. The paper identifies revenue streams of State agencies, their allocation of funds to various prevention strategies, types of management expenses incurred, and prefered methods for distributing Federal Block Grant to their constituencies. States are compared in terms of prevention dollars available to States; gender, age, race and number of people served; evidence based practices used, number of risky populations targeted and the ratings on attitudes and percieved risk obtained from people served. The paper has also identified issues about data integrity, data quality, data gaps, the quality of instructions given to States for reporting data. The relevant policy implications are discussed.

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