An Analytical Study: Better Approach For Health Policy Statistics
*Zahid Ahmad, GC University Lahore 

Keywords: Diabetes Mellitus,risk factors, Obesity

In a cross-sectional hospital based study, the effect of different risk factors on diabetes was estimated. Sample of 200 persons aged 20 years and above (90 men, 110 women) entering the diabetic center as outdoor patients during the months August 2006 – October 2006 from Bolan Medical Complex Hospital (BMCH), Quetta, Pakistan was taken. The screening of diabetes was made according to W.H.O. criteria. The study highlighted the result that DM is not associated to any single risk factor but more than one factor may associate with this disease. The factors obesity (O.R=5.906, P=0.000), Exercise (O.R= 0.302, P=0.000) and family history of diabetes (O.R=6.310, P=0.000) were significant. Therefore in this particular study, these factors are associated with this disease. It concludes that exercise was negatively associated while obesity and family history were positively associated with D.M.

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