Predictors of Nonresponse to 2007 Medicare CAHPS Survey
Marc N. Elliott, The RAND Corporation  *David J. Klein, The RAND Corporation 


The 2007 Medicare CAHPS Survey is the primary means of assessing the healthcare experiences of 38 million American seniors. We examine patterns of nonresponse for the 685,934 eligible beneficiaries selected to receive this survey (mail with phone follow-up), which had a 50% overall response rate. Within each of three benefit types we estimate mixed models of nonresponse, with random effects for plans, states and their interactions, and fixed effects for individual characteristics. Plan-level standard deviations in response rate were 5-8%, whereas state-level standard deviations were 5%. Among individual characteristics, race/ethnicity was strongly predictive, with Asian and Hispanic beneficiaries responding at adjusted rates 8-19% lower than Whites (p<0.001). Such disparities have implications for survey research on the elderly, which will be increasingly important as the nation ages.

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