The Positive Influence Generation
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*John F Loase, Chair- Concordia College-NY 

Keywords: Influence, meaning, satisfaction with life, mental health, spirituality

The paper will discuss the results of a three year survey and focus group analysis of 532 undergraduates responding to 104 items related to money and meaning. We designed TRIAD methodology (data mining, statistical analysis including modeling, and focus groups) to uncover the strongest relationships- the convergence of these lines of inquiry. Our young people (ages 18-25) revealed a strong correlation between their perceived potential to achieve lasting, positive influence and "Satisfaction with Life"- stronger than financial, health, or academic variables . Women scored higher than men in "Need" and "Potential for Lasting Positive Influence" with implications for counseling and mental health. Our students called for the "elders" to partner a new era , where the central focus was long-term, positive influence( The Positive Influence Generation, Loase, Hamilton Books, 2007)

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