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2024 Seventh International Conference on Establishment Statistics

Invited Sessions

As the seventh in the series of international conferences on establishment statistics, ICES VII will look toward key issues and methods pertaining to establishment statistics and research.

Invited sessions will last 100 minutes, including the floor discussion. The session organizer may choose between the following two formats:

  • Two papers (35 minutes each or one longer and one shorter presentation) + discussant discussion (15 minutes) + floor discussion (15 minutes)
  • Three papers (25 minutes each) + discussant and floor discussions (25 minutes split among discussant and floor discussions)

A few sessions may also be organized as a panel session in which two moderators (the main host and a sidekick) lead the discussion and debate a specific topic with three to five speakers. This format is especially suited for discussing strategic topics and important open issues, as there are no individual presentations in panel sessions.

There are limited slots for invited sessions. Several factors are considered in the evaluation of session proposals, including relevance of the session topic, coherence and completeness of the proposal, innovation of the proposed methods, and diversity of the presenters in terms of international experience and type of organization.

Organizers will be notified of the status of their proposed invited session by June 15, 2023.

If a proposal is not accepted as an invited session, the organizer can resubmit the proposal as a topic-contributed session with four papers and a discussant.

Propose an Invited Session

Anyone can propose a session. Once you decide on a topic (for a list of suggested topics, see Amstat News), shop your topic around with the people you know are active in the area. Once you have enough committed speakers, you can submit your proposal online. The submission site will be open from March 1 to May 15, 2023.

For submission, have the following information ready:

  • Session title
  • Session format (two presenters + discussant; three presenters + discussant; a panel session)
    • Session speakers and discussant names, affiliations, and email addresses
  • Session participants (name, affiliation, email) to include:
    • Organizer(s)
    • Chair (can be same as organizer)
    • Speakers
    • Discussant
  • Session description (i.e., topic relevance, innovativeness/contribution, expertise and diversity of presenters, and presentation information) of maximum 4,000 characters with spaces
  • Interest of the speakers in submitting the contribution for consideration for publication in the special issues of Survey Methodology and/or the Statistical Journal of the IAOS

Propose a Memorial Session

If you would like to organize a memorial session for a particular deceased person, please submit a proposal through the invited session online system. Include “Memorial” in the session title and indicate why a memorial session is appropriate in the session description. Note that you should tie the proposed presentations to the honoree’s body of work in some fashion. The discussant can present a tribute in lieu of a paper discussion.

If you wish to submit a proposal for a memorial session after the May 15, 2023, deadline, contact the ICES VII Program Committee chairs Steve Matthews or Mojca Bavdaz directly. Memorial submissions will be accepted on a space-available basis.

Submit a Proposal