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Introductory Overview Lecture: Introduction to New Measures/Indicators for the Economy

SNA and GDP in detail: The Future (308437)

*Peter Van de Ven, OECD 

This IOL discusses the SNA and the components of GDP; how they interconnect, how they are reconciled and balanced. It will also show the contribution of business statistics to each component. The relationship with supply and use tables and satellite accounts with their insatiable appetite for data (data that are often difficult for businesses to provide) is explained. The lecture also describes how the concepts are operationalized, and how these impact on the scope and design of business surveys. The evolution of the SNA and GDP, through the various revisions of the international standards is discussed, as well as the debate currently underway that will inform the next revision of the SNA.

This lecture also explains some measurement challenges: informal economies (a particular issue in developing countries); digitalization and globalization, including the role of multinational enterprises. It also outlines GDP’s role in debates on wellbeing and sustainability issues.

Participants will get a good understanding of the wider context of macro and business statistics; how these statistics may evolve and develop in the future; and what this will mean for business statistics.