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Introductory Overview Lecture: Introduction to Issues in the Production of Official Establishment Statistics

Standardization Leads to Efficiency: Canada’s Integrated Business Statistics Program (308244)

*Holly O'Byrne, Statistics Canada / Government of Canada 

The Integrated Business Statistics Program (IBSP) was the result of recommendations to be more efficient in the delivery of statistical programs following the review of business and statistical processes and systems infrastructure by Statistics Canada in 2010. With the goal of improving quality and efficiency by using common tools and methodologies, the IBSP was launched into production in 2014 and now consists of over 100 surveys. The IBSP is a full service survey processing platform that has standardized processes in areas of content development, survey frame maintenance, collection, use of administrative data, processing tools and strategies, and measuring quality. This IOL will provide detailed examples of the standardization that was implemented by the IBSP for its Rolling Estimates model, direct benefits to users and survey programs, integration of IBSP with the System of National Accounts and dissemination tools, lessons learned in this journey, and future transitions including the cloud and big data.