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Introductory Overview Lecture: Introduction to Issues in the Production of Official Establishment Statistics

Statistical Producer Challenges and Help (308243)

*Jacqui Jones, Australian Bureau of Statistics 

What do we need to measure in the economy?

How do we ensure we maintain high quality economic statistics that keep pace with economic changes, and why is it important?

What economic measurement principles should we focus on?

What is internationally available to help us?

How do we maintain international comparability?

What lessons can we learn from other countries?

Measuring a nation’s economy is difficult from a number of perspectives e.g. conceptual, data availability, processes, methods, funding, user’s needs and capability. There are also complications such as economic changes over time, international comparability, and maintaining time series. This IOL will provide an introductory overview to a number of the the challenges faced by statistical producers alongside international: frameworks, governance, standards, processes and measures, which can help us.