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Introductory Overview Lecture: Introduction to the Use of Secondary Data

Methodology of the use of administrative data in business statistics: practical considerations (308223)

*Danni Lewis, Office for National Statistics 

Following on from a theoretical overview of developments in methodology for the use of administrative data in business statistics, this lecture discusses practical considerations when attempting to integrate administrative data into key business statistics outputs. Since the methodology is still developing in this area, using administrative data in a live output is not straightforward and comes with some risk to quality. However, the environment in many official statistics offices is to maximise use of alternative data sources as soon as possible, in an effort to reduce burden and costs, and where possible to improve quality. This means that implementation is often a combination of using the best methods that are available, along with a range of pragmatic solutions to address those areas where there are gaps in the theory. This presentation covers issues in getting access to admin data, ways of working to implement the change in a statistics office, and practical issues around transitioning from survey to admin data - including dealing with data cleaning, understanding the difference between survey and admin data estimates, methods for evaluating the best implementation and judging whether a developed system is ready to go live. Examples will be used from different statistics offices.