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Introductory Overview Lecture: Coordinated Sampling and Bayesian Methods Applied to Small Area Estimation for Establishment Statistics

Some Thoughts on Sample Coordination in Repeated Surveys (308221)

*Yves TillĂ©, University of Neuchatel 

Sample coordination is a complex technical problem. The recommendations of sampling systems are often very complex. Sometimes a strict rotation of units is imposed in order to avoid placing the statistical burden on the same units. Sometimes some samples must have a high overlapping rate. Sometimes a partial rotation of units is required. These constraints must be applied to registers that evolve over time according to the appearance or disappearance of new units or mergers. We will first present a formalization of the questions related to sample coordination. We will then examine various proposed solutions. We will also explain the difficulties inherent in the construction of an ideal method. Finally, we will present the solution that has been adopted by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.