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Tuesday, June 15
Tue, Jun 15, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Modernization Efforts in Establishment Statistics 1

Transition to WEB in the Survey on Consumption of Energy, Fuels and Selected Oil Derivatives (308150)

*Mihaela Nemec, Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia 

Keywords: questionnaire design, Blaise 5, business surveys

The Survey on Consumption of Energy, Fuels and Selected Oil Derivatives is an annual sample survey of business entities. The questionnaire includes questions about the consumption of energy, fuels and selected petroleum products, questions about energy stocks at the end of the reference year and questions about the net calorific values of consumer solid fuels, coke and waste in the industrial sector. Until 2020 the data for this survey were obtained using a paper questionnaire. 1,800 units with 20 or more employees are included in the sample. During the data collection period the Enterprise Cooperation Section contacts some units because the questionnaire was not sent to the office by the due date or because the data had to be checked with the reporting units. The redesign of the survey to the WEB started one year before actual data collection. This means that we had to adapt and redesign the questionnaire for the WEB mode. We have faced many challenges, such as how to redesign a big table from the paper questionnaire to smaller tables which are appropriate for the WEB mode; where to include additional explanations; whether to use the filter questions or not; whether to include the print button to create a printable document of the completed survey data; how many controls and errors should be included in the questionnaire; should we label (number) the questions or not, etc. The WEB questionnaire is programmed in Blaise 5. The new WEB questionnaire will be presented and some conclusions of transition from one mode to another will be outlined.