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Thursday, June 17
Thu, Jun 17, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Cost and Acceptance of Cash, Cards, and Innovations for Retail Payments: Results from Central Banks Around the World

The World Bank Practical Guide for Measuring Retail Payment Costs (308054)

*Holti Banka, World Bank Group 

Keywords: Cost of payments, cash, electronic payments

The presentation will introduce a World Bank methodological tool which is designed to serve as a practical guide for central banks and other public or private-sector stakeholders interested in conducting a study on the costs and savings of day-to-day retail payments in their economies. In order to achieve this objective, the guide provides a comprehensive methodology that can be used in its entirety or adopted in module form, also reflecting the specific conditions of a national retail payments market. The results of a cost study based on the methodology can help decision makers to agree on the targeted gains in efficiency in their retail payments system, define an implementation plan for achieving a desired future mix of payment instruments, and provide information for all stakeholders involved in the retail payments market. By applying the methodology, cross-country comparability and benchmarking is possible and the experience of other countries can be taken into consideration when developing or adjusting the national retail payments strategy based on the results of the cost study. The methodology is being implemented in a number of countries. The presentation will also showcase results from the Albania implementation experience.