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Monday, June 14
Mon, Jun 14, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Adaptive Cluster Sampling: Methodology and Implementation to Survey Informal Businesses

Challenges and Potential Improvements of Methodology and Practices of ACS (308021)

*Filip S Jolevski, World Bank 

Keywords: Adaptive sampling, Informal enterprises

Applying Adaptive Cluster Sampling (ACS) to survey establishments, particularly those that operate without a registration, carries its challenges, both methodologically and practically. This final presentation will look into the implications and areas of improvement of the methodology and practices presented by the prior discussants. From an implementation standpoint, various approaches to stratification will be discussed, ranging from relying on local expertise to the likelihood of encountering informal businesses, to a geocoded grid on the use of the space, to using nighttime lights data; as well as strategies to include sampling and enumeration of areas at various different times and days. This presentation will also address some of the methodological challenges including adjustment for expansions of networks across strata, treatment of edge units where long form interviews have been completed and generating a design of the SRS of starting squares. As a pathway to look forward, strategies about generating a panel of enumeration areas will be presented.