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Tuesday, June 15
Tue, Jun 15, 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Research, Development, and Evaluation of Survey Communication Materials

Developing a web portal for reporting businesses (307988)

*Leanne Houben, Statistics Netherlands 
Nyree Lemmens, Statistics Netherlands 

Keywords: web portal, reporting businesses

Leanne Houben and Nyree Lemmens, Statistics Netherlands,

To improve the response experience for businesses, Statistics Netherlands has started the development of a portal for business respondents. The actual development and realization of the portal builds on the following: (1) Our extensive CBS website, containing information on current output, publicly available information on all data we have published in the past, information on the statistics we ask companies to provide data for. (2) Our recently adapted and almost finished CAWI, CATI and CAPI data-collection architecture, including a renewed communication channel. (3) Our progress in building a new data-collection channel for secondary-data sources, with which we can securely collect datasets/data sources from and return information to the business respondents and data providers. (4) Our advancements in prefilling our structural business-statistics surveys with administrative data (5)The Europe-wide maturation of e-identification (eIDAS)

Last year we took a wide-scope inventory by interviewing approximately 40 key staff members from CBSs, examined other portals, and looked at how the portal fits in with other developments within CBS. This has led to the definition of our business needs, and a roadmap based on this, in which a Minimal Viable Product has been defined. To sample the opinions of business respondents, we created a visual and interactive portal mock-up to be used in interviews, based on the MVP. The input gathered by these interviews is to be used to improve the MVP. After processing the results of the interviews, a prototype will be built, to do some more online tests from multiple perspectives (businesses, trade organisations, CBS staff). Other preparations include the selection or our authentication method, the selection of a Content Management System, to build the portal upon, a first version of a statistical output dashboard and a wide ranging communication path.