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Thursday, June 17
Thu, Jun 17, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
The Behavioral Health Services Information System (BHSIS): Monitoring Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment in the United States

Enhancements to Behavioral Health Establishment Surveys to Reduce Respondent Burden (307977)

*Matt S Potts, Mathematica 
Karen A CyBulski, Mathematica 
Melissa Krakowiecki, Mathematica 
Larry M Vittoriano, Mathematica 

Keywords: Burden, prefilled, behavioral health, multi session

Based on input from web comments, interviewer debriefings, and stakeholders, Mathematica and SAMHSA have worked together in recent years to improve the N-SSATS and the N-MHSS. One of these enhancements has been the use of prefilled responses to responses that are unlikely to change from year to year. In the past, facilities were required to fill out the same questions every year. Even more burdensome was when a network had multiple facilities and they had to respond in one session for each facility. Recently, the surveys allowed networks to respond to as many facilities as appropriate in one session. Both of these enhancements have reduced respondent burden, plus also allows them to compare responses from prior years and other facilities.