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Thursday, June 17
Thu, Jun 17, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Measuring Global Production

Systematic Approach to Addressing MNEs and the Impact on National Processes (307966)

*Fred Demollin, Statistics Netherlands 

Keywords: LCU, consistency

The interest for Large Case Units in National Statistical Institutes is increasing over the last years. In most of the countries large groups are roughly responsible for half of the value added and a major part of turnover produced in a country. There’s a growing awareness that relationships with large enterprise groups need to be maintained very thoughtfully and data, being send by multiple contacts within these groups, needs accurate checking on consistency.

Since decades, Statistics Netherlands has built up experience in setting up close relationships with large enterprise groups. As a result of several projects a Large Case Unit (LCU) was founded in 2010 to specifically maintain contacts with the largest enterprise groups and to check the consistency of data that is send from these groups for a dedicated group of statistics. The profiling of the groups also takes place within the LCU. The results of the LCU are positive for the whole chain of statistics production, from the business register to the national accounts. In this paper the activities that take place within the LCU, the skills of the people that work in the unit and the method that is used to check the statistical data on consistency will be explained.. Although the results of a LCU are difficult to quantify, it is obvious throughout the whole chain that it brings major benefits to solve inconsistencies as early as possible in the production of statistical data. By giving some examples of the effects in the chain of production, an attempt will be made to quantify the overall advantages of a LCU. Finally the paper will elaborate on the future goals that the unit has developed. These goals are based on the experience of the work over the past eight years.