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Three Pillars for a New Statistical System on Enterprises:Business Register, Thematic Surveys and Business Census 2011
*Flavio Verrecchia, Italian National Institute of Statistics 
Silvia Lombardi, Italian National Institute of Statistics 
Franco Lorenzini, Italian National Institute of Statistics 

Keywords: Official Statistics, Benchmark, Interlinked archives, Survey design

Business census carried out in 2012 by the Italian National Institute of Statistics aims at providing the informative system on the structure of the economic context, updating and improving the quality of statistical business registers, and favouring innovations on data collection and dissemination of business information between the National Statistical System and enterprises. Currently, thematic surveys are strictly focused on specific topics and incomplete in terms of coverage. Business Census can be viewed as the connection line between primary and secondary data collection processes and represents a benchmark for a step forward: the integrated statistical system on enterprises.