Online Program

Metadata Management over the Statistical Lifecycle at Statistics Canada
*Alice Born, Statistics Canada 
Tim Dunstan, Statistics Canada 

Keywords: metadata, metadata management, statistical lifecycle, GSBPM, GSIM

Statistics Canada (StatCan) are presently industrialising our statistical processing systems. Specifications for survey design, sample design, content, and others are created in the metadata system and then used to drive the process directly, without re-work or re-entry of information. A semantic model for common metadata terminology is being developed based on the data and metadata requirements of phases of the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM). StatCan contributes to development of the Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM). The goal is to establish common metadata terminology and definitions for National Statistical Organisations (NSOs). StatCan has developed a Directive on the Management of Micro and Aggregate data files. Compliance will assure common metadata across the statistical lifecycle for our data files. The role of other metadata standards in metadata management at StatCan is being studied with the development of an IMDB to DDI transformation tool to disseminate data files in DDI XML. Along with these initiatives the paper will discuss the role of the Integrated Metadata base (IMDB) in implementing some of these metadata management strategies.